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Frequently Asked Questions

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What kinds of problems do osteopaths treat?
Osteopaths treat a wide range of problems :
General acute (short term) and Chronic (long term) backache.
Joint pains
Muscle spasms
Neuralgia (nerve pain)
Minor sports injuries and tensions
Rheumatic pain
Headaches arising from the neck
Generalized aches and pains
Muscular skeletal and postural problems
What happens on my first visit to an osteopath?
First of all, we take a full case history including questions on the present condition and any relevant past medical history.
We then make a thorough structural examination of the spine and peripheral joints related to the problem area. We will be checking for joint flexibility, muscle tone and postural imbalances.
After assessment of the problem, we work on the soft tissues using massage techniques combined with articulation (stretching) and manipulation of joints.
Postural advice and exercises are often given to help maintain the effects of the treatment.
Do I need a doctors referral?
It is unnecessary to get a referral from a doctor to see an osteopath.
However, we do work closely with GPs/consultants to ensure that our patients get the appropriate care.
How many treatments will I need?
The number of necessary treatments varies from patient to patient and from condition to condition.
On the first visit, the number of likely treatments will be discussed.
Pain can be relieved relatively quickly, sometimes in one treatment, but if there is a chronic cause further treatment will be needed to eliminate underlying problems.
Regular maintenance check-ups are recommended.
Does my health insurance cover osteopathic treatment?
Yes, but different policies have different levels of cover, i.e. you may have to pay an excess or need referral from a doctor. It is best to check with your insurance company before having treatment.
How much does a treatment cost and how long are the treatments?
The first treatment and consultation is £65.
Subsequent treatments are £60.
Treatments last 40 minutes.
Please see Appointments & Fees for full details.