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The General Osteopathic Council (GOsC)
The General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) regulates the practice of osteopathy in the United Kingdom. By law osteopaths must be registered with the GOsC in order to practise in the UK.

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The British School of Osteopathy (BSO)
The The British School of Osteopathy (BSO) is the largest and the oldest osteopathic school in the UK, founded in 1917 to provide undergraduate and postgraduate osteopathy training. Respected throughout the world for providing excellence in health care, education and research.

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The British Osteopathic Association (BOA)
The British Osteopathic Association (BOA), through its Executive and its elected Council, represents the views of members to the General Osteopathic Council, the Department of Health, local and national government agencies and other professional bodies.

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500 Club | British School of Osteopathy
The 500 Club actively supports the future of the BSO and Osteopathy. Joining the 500 Club can make a fantastic contribution to the work of the BSO.

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London Osteopathic Society (LOS)
The London Osteopathic Society is an organisation run exclusively by and for Osteopaths. Members receive seminars covering a wide range of topics which are both stimulating and relevant. This also offers an excellent opportunity to catch up with colleagues and to keep in touch with what’s going on in the profession.